The Yosemite Health Spa provides a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere for travelers to restore their bodies after their adventures in the area. A $10 day pass includes access to a custom 12 person H2O2 UV spring fed stainless steel hot tub, cold-rain shower, cedar hot-rock sauna, and a seven jet shower in our deluxe changing rooms.

Guests can also receive massages, body scrubs, specialty baths in private tubs, and practice personal or group yoga. All spa rooms open out to large sunny decks with seating and scenic views of the Bear Creek Canyon for dining, sipping tea, or simply relaxing in the embrace of nature.

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$10 Access all day, open 10am to 10pm

Large cedar sauna with hot rocks with eucalyptus water. Jump under the cold rain shower adjacent after sauna use or into our stainless steel hot tub.

Our spring fed hot tub is kept bacteria-free without the use of harsh chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ultra violet light are used to maintain the tub, as well as to support your overall wellness by delivering much-needed oxygen to your cells.


Hot rock sauna
Spa's Deck Garden
Hot Tub




$75 one hour. Available 10am to 9pm daily. Our treatment rooms are differing decor rooms with asian flair with candles, music, water features and warm hardwood floors. Facility use is included.

Our Therapists offer Synergy style massage. Schedule appointments in advance or upon check-in. Hot Stone Therapy or Deep Tissue available at $10 extra.


HERBAL BODY SCRUB: $55 (Winter special $45), 1 hour, regular availability. Full facilities use included. We are very happy to offer this product to you!
A local herbalist created this formula to exfoliate and moisturize skin, detoxify the body, and ease stressed muscles. With the exfoliating properties this scrub gets circulation going without being abrasive. Ingredients include honey, aloe vera, celtic sea salt, kelp, bentonite clay, chamomile, oats, quinoa, mung beans, sesame seeds, and vitamin A and E. This is a hand-ground, local, labor of love!


30 minutes, $15/2 person $30
Enjoy the many benefits of Cool Water Therapy with this 30-minute private soak. Blended with a refreshing mixture of citrus, wintergreen and eucalyptus essential oils, baking soda and Epsom salt, this bath is sure to cool you down and rev you up. Cool Water Therapy has been proven to be beneficial with relief of sore muscles, increased energy and circulation. Other benefits include strengthened immunity, detoxification, and increased metabolism. Cool Water Therapy is also known to improve the sheen of your hair and tightens cuticles and pores in your skin, leaving you looking smooth and revitalized.

1 hour $20/2 person $35
Custom, locally crafted herbal formula created to cleanse and moisturize the skin, detoxify the body and ease stressed muscles. Includes lavender, lemon and clary sage essential oils.
1 hour $20/2 person $35
Soothing mineral salts with eucalyptus, sweet orange, and lavender essential oils for fatigued or injured muscles.
1 hour $15/2 person $30
Mineral salt blend, with uplifting tangerine, lavender and chamomile essential oils.
* Therapeutic grade essential oils are used in all baths. They break the blood brain barrier to deliver the specific healing properties quickly and directly

Massage Room
Reiki Nasya Massage
Herbal Bath Room



Yoga & Group Classes

Join in on a Yoga class, and for $5 you can have full access to the hot tub, sauna and cold rain shower (Reg. value at $10)

Saturday Mornings : 8am - 930am
Sunday Evenings: 6pm - 7:30pm

Yoga Class


"I feel born again!" Roel from Holland

"After two days, including some strenuous hiking- from which i typically would have some soreness or pain- there is none. A testament to the benefits of therapeutic massage, especially when done by such a gifted practitioner! The Spa staff here at the Bug are excellent, helpful and gracious. This place is a gem!"

"Best. Bath. Ever."

"I come here to clean my soul" The Love and Joy Project

"Definitely beats Half Dome!" Melanie

"Relaxation much needed every time. So nice. I've had a lovely time in your beautiful atmosphere and ambiance." J

"The massage was a great way to start the day And facilities are wonderful!" NG

"Olga has a gift! Thank you for adding so much peace to our tip! My body and soul thank you!" KG

"Cameo was very friendly. She made my experience here extra enjoyable. I loved the herbal bath. The Spa added a nice touch to the roughe feel of the hostel." Rebecca

"I feel like a new person. Best massage I've ever had!" Suzanne from MN

"Cameo is accommodating beyond words!! Thank you, Bug!"

"The Spa, Herbal Infusion Bath, and massage were great. First timer and I had a wonderful time. Thanks." Steve and Lily

"Best Spa treatment ever after a long hike! Thank you Janice and Olga!" 

"Janice gave me an awesome massage! Her vigor, intention, technique, and heartfelt effort come together in one beautiful experience! She has a generous spirit, strong body, and fantastic knowledge of the body and he craft!" Jody

"I feel wonderful after the bath! Worked like a charm. Best jet-lag cure ever. It was a great experience. I'll be sure to tell my friends." 

"Candace and the Bug are beyond gracious. We had a Salt of the Earth tub along with the showers and tub, and we feel like its a slice of paradise. Please don't change the vibe- we are so relaxed." Curt, Brandy, and Zack

"Thank you for the wonderful, relaxing massage. Just what I needed. I had a soak in the tub and a nice shower, and I'm ready for the wilderness again!" Gina

"My husband and I will never forget our 5th anniversary because of the talent of our wonderful Massage Therapist!" Jon and Aubrey

"This is exactly what I needed!!" AK

"This is exactly what my body and mind needed after five days of hiking. Loved having this little oasis." Rhonda

"Great service, great value, and great amenities. The hot tub is amazing, as is the sauna, however my favorite is the luxurious bathrooms. Much appreciated." Matthew

"Amazing Herbal Bath. Very relaxing!" Dawn

"What a beautiful space! I love the stone work. The ambiance tonight was a sensationalists dream. I enjoy the many-jet shower and the cucumber water! So many beautiful touches to bring embodied bliss. Thank you." voted the HI-Midpines Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort as the "Most Relaxing Hostel" for eco friendly North American hostels.


Just 25 miles from Yosemite Valley!


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