Covid-19 Standards

Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort

Public Areas

  1. Non Vaccinated guests are required to use face coverings in and near all public areas including the restaurant, reception cabin, guest kitchen, Bodie room, camping bathrooms and showers, laundry room, and dining areas when not at table.
  2. Hand Sanitizer dispensers are dispersed at public areas including restrooms, restaurants, reception, guest kitchen and any shared facilities or rooms.
  3. There are disinfectant spray bottles in all public bathrooms and private accommodations for your use.
  4. There is signage in all public areas clarifying the requirements of guests and employees relating to Covid-19
  5. Public, shared and private bathrooms have toilet lids to shut while flushing, disinfectant sprayers and light switches tied to exhaust fans.  These baths are disinfected multiple times throughout the day and evening.  Public restrooms have pull paper hand towel dispensers and seat covers.
  6. Water systems are managed, disinfected and tested regularly.  Drinking water sources such as faucets, are disinfected daily.
  7. All public rooms have signage and seats limiting occupancy.


  1. We use spray disinfectant before entering and exiting the rooms.
  2. All employees use masks, eye covers and latex gloves in the room.
  3. Pre Covid-19 standard of removing all sheets and duvet cover for washing with a bleach product between all guest stays.
  4. All our cleaner products all have disinfectant.
  5. Disinfect dresser, desk, tables, lamps, wall sockets and switches, locks, levers and knobs.
  6. Disinfect shower fixtures and walls, caddy, floor, toilet and wall, sink and sink fixtures.
  7. Disinfect trash cans and refrigerators.
  8. Replace linens.
  9. HEPA vacuum and spray disinfect all room hard goods and soft goods.
  10. Sweep and disinfect deck furniture.
  11. All accommodations have disinfectant spray bottles for your use.
  12. All rooms do not receive stayover housekeeping services except every fourth day, please get more towels from the desk or ask for a stayover cleaning.


  1. All keys are disinfected each use.
  2. Rooms have been rearranged in system to maximize number of private rooms with private baths.
  3. Barrier installed at desk, employees wear face masks. Employees keep equipment, desk, and doors.  Fans keep air moving in room.
  4. Extra single use toiletries, masks, gloves, towels and room items kept on hand.

Guest Kitchen

  1. Sanitized multiple times in daytime and evening by housekeeping staff.
  2. Guest Kitchen use reservation log is kept at Reception to limit number of guests to two cooking areas for social distancing.  Exhaust fans come on with use to keep air moving.
  3. Dining area has fans that keep air moving in the room.
  4. Guest Kitchen offers small microwave, toaster, refrigerator and disposable tableware for quick grab and go use with sanitizer spray bottle and regular cleaning.


  • All employees use latex gloves and regularly use handwashing sink.
  • All areas in the kitchen, including the order counter and dish removal areas, are disinfected throughout the service.
  • Hand Sanitizer dispensers are inside and outside the restaurant.
  • All orders with beverage and sides are placed upon a disinfected tray, with napkin wrapped flatware, disinfectant napkin packet and single use condiments for guest to take to table.
  • Only designated employees run the food to tables and disinfect table chairs and area between each guest use.
  • The interior dining areas have spaced tables, reverse fans, exhaust and ventilation throughout the day and night.  The outside deck tent has spaced tables, venting and heating.
  • The floors and decks are sanitized daily.
  • Our high temperature dishwasher keeps the tableware disinfected.
  • All door handles, locks, doors and equipment are disinfected throughout the service.
  • The menus are on whiteboard above order area and on restaurant Facebook page daily.
  • Take out is available by calling 866.826.7108 x4 for ordering.  Orders are placed in labelled sanitized hotboxes outside the kitchen door for touchless pick-up.

Human Resources

  1. All employees self screens before arrival and submits information online.
  2. Employees who do not feel well are told to stay home or sent home and asked to get tested before return to work.


  1. The spa’s hot tub &  sauna and specialty baths are available to friends/family of 5 persons only during the 1 or 1.5 hour reservations 2PM to 5PM for private use.
  2. All rooms are fully disinfected twice in the period between the reservations.  The floors, hot tub exterior, doors, fixtures, benches, shower stalls, toilets, bathtubs, furnishings and tea carts are cleaned with disinfectant cleaner between reservations.   The floors are bleached between each reservation. The tub rooms and bathrooms have strong exhaust systems to keep the air clear.  All linens and yoga accessories are sent to laundry for cleaning each reservation period.  Guests have access to disinfectant spray for their use in each area.