Located in the Main Lodge below the restaurant is the Yosemite Health Spa.  It’s valley view garden deck with tables and lounges is great for summer tea and winter apres sauna strolls. Our Day passes include the stainless steel oxygenated spring water UV and H2O2 hot tub, yoga room and the hot rock sauna.  Massage therapy and aromatic herbal baths can be booked HERE and are inclusive of the Day Pass.

Call us at 209.989.3598 ext 102, 3pm to 10pm each day or communicate through for other inquiries.  Accessible parking, ramps, bathroom and assisted lift are available and the hot tub edge is chair transfer height.


Yosemite Health Spa hydrogen peroxide and UV light hot tub

Our hydrogen peroxide and UV light hot tub is cleansing and oxygenating, like having a third lung. Large capacity and stainless steel, it looks out into the gorge, the mountains and forest. Whether sunny or snowing it is a fantastic part of your day.

The cedar hot rocks sauna has a eucalyptus or lavender infused water bucket to ease deep calm breathing to help you perspire and cleans your body. Take a rain shower just outside and stroll the deck to cool between sessions.

The yoga studio is there for your own yoga or stretching routines with our mats, blocks, ball, cushions and blankets.

Use the body shower panels in the changing rooms to shower before and after with quality body cleaning products to feel great upon departure. You can also use the yoga room for you own session when classes are not in session. Extra suits upon request, too with your large towel.

$20 Day Pass


Yosemite Health Spa massage

We DO have new Massage Therapists all week 1pm-9pm.  What every visit should include is a relaxing massage or rub to allow your anxieties and busy life melt away.  Nice Japanese and Tibetan inspired therapy rooms with candles, music and robes.  Book on our spa booking tab at the top of this page.  Please check the box that allows us to charge you card in the future, so we may charge a day in advance to assure the therapist you will show.  You may then remove your credit after the treatment from Square.  Thank you.

Swedish Massage
1 hour $125
A full-body massage ideal for individuals looking to relax.
Deep Tissue Massage
A full body massage working on stress knots, muscle overuse and exhaustion.  If you have ignored your body’s warnings for too long, this is the massage treatment.
1 hour $145, 1.5 hours $195
Hiker’s Massage
1 hour – $125
A lower body focus massage ideal for those coming back from a long days hike, who have low back pain, those that work at desk jobs or sit/stand for long periods of time or have static nerve pain.
Climber’s Massage
1 hour – $125
An upper body focus ideal for those coming back from climbing, doing repetitive upper body movements, side sleepers or carrying little ones on your hip.


Yosemite Health Spa yoga class

These bath are in a beautiful tub room with two stainless steel soaking tubs, music and essential oil aromatics to fill your lungs and body. This ayurvedic therapy breaks through the blood/brain barrier to offer specific healing properties such as sickness, fatigue or mood.
3pm – 10pm
1 hour $40.00, 2 person $70.00

Book on the spa booking tab above for 3pm to 9pm by reservations online.  We have a 24 hour cancellation requirement and will recharge your card one day in advance. Please check the box allowing us to charge your card in the future to allow this, you may always remove your credit card later from Square.

Muscle Rejuvenation Soak
Soothing mineral salts with eucalyptus, sweet orange, and lavender essential oils for fatigued or injured muscles.

Energizing Wellness Soak
Mineral salt blend, with uplifting tangerine, lavender and chamomile essential oils for wellness and fatigue.

Skin Renewal Soak
Custom, locally crafted herbal formula created to cleanse and moisturize the skin, detoxify the body and ease stressed muscles. Includes lavender, lemon and clary sage essential oils steeped linen herbal bag for exfoliation.