07/25/2022:  We are open!  Yosemite is open, Highway 140 is open and the skies are clear.  Thanks!

    Under a grove of oak and pine in our own small valley with a stream, the Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort offers a magical scene with cabins on stilts dotting the mountainside where walking is part of the experience. This old camp dates from the 1930’s and we now offer private hotel style rooms in cabins, tent cabins, hostel cabins, house rentals along with group facilities, a health spa and a highly regarded restaurant. You will encounter backpackers, young families, and outdoor adventurers in this fun place just 27 miles downstream from Yosemite Valley itself.

NOTICE:   Yosemite National Park is again requiring a summer vehicle ENTRANCE RESERVATION now related to projects like the Glacier Point Road instead of Covid-19.  Starting at 8AM on MARCH 23RD you can get three day reservations at for May 20th through September 30th 2022.   Separately, 30% of Entrance Reservations are held and sold at 8AM Seven Days Before Your Arrival to stay with us.  You can avoid the Entrance Reservation by taking YARTS bus from our bus stop at the end of our driveway, or enter Yosemite before 6AM and leave after 4PM.  We can also refer you to day tours to get in.