The Park Administration and County Health Office have unfortunately decided to limit the amount of recreation minded guests in the Park.  Starting Feb 8th it appears that the Day Use Permit needed to get in the park has returned to something like last summer’s set up. That is on 1st of the month you need to get your tickets (in addition to having to pay entry fee or having a pass) here:

Last summer there was a release of extra tickets at 8AM 48 hours before your date of arrival. We suspect they will do this though the year for anyone who wants to enjoy Yosemite since we do not know what their public health standards or guidelines are, or how many vehicles can get in a day. Sorry, so be prepared.

Yosemite National Park has four roadway entrances giving you a week’s access throughout the park.  The east entrance closed to snow each winter, however.  Amtrak is an attractive public transit option to Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort and Yosemite Valley.  As of November 1st Yosemite National Park does not require Covid-19 related entry permits.