Yosemite National Park has four roadway entrances.  You must go to to get an entrance permit this year so book this first since permits are limited to 20% of normal daily entry.  Remember 80% of the permits are available starting on the 1st of each month for the NEXT month and 20% of the permits are available 48 hours before arrival.  So we want to help you make it easier talking about Amtrak which bypasses the normal Yosemite Reservation permit limitations. You can also avoid the Yosemite Reservation Permit book directly with YARTS for a seat to go into Yosemite Valley with a return. 

YOUR BEST BET to skirt the Yosemite Reservation Permit is by contacting Incredible Adventure Tours for a BEST OF YOSEMITE or a HIGH COUNTRY TOUR or less service and less expensive drop off ORIENTATION tour by calling 1-800-777-8464 and tell them you are staying at the Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort!  These guides know what they are doing.